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At Sector 111 to 114 South Faridabad

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WTC Plots Faridabad

State and Central Governments Maximizing Expansion in Faridabad

The region of Faridabad, under the concerted efforts of both State and Central Governments, is witnessing robust measures to boost industrial growth. As Delhi – NCR emerges as the profitable capital of India, a pivotal player in this expansion is the Growth District at Faridabad.

World Trade Center: A Global Business Hub 
World Trade Center (WTC) stands out as a quintessential and impressive address for companies aiming to elevate their profile and engage in international trade. Offering flexible workplace solutions, including co-working spaces, hot-desk rooms, and state-of-the-art conference facilities, WTC is a symbol of global recognition. The first-ever plotted development by WTC at South Faridabad is a groundbreaking venture providing various plot sizes at reasonable costs.

Rapid Growth of Faridabad

Faridabad has earned its stripes as the eighth fastest-growing city globally and the third most rapid in India, according to the City Mayors Foundation survey. At the forefront of this growth is the Growth District Faridabad, a meticulously planned 100+ acres of integrated development. WTC Faridabad’s residential plotted development, spanning over 5.2 million sq. ft., comprises more than 7000 units. The project’s estimated valuation stands at 390+ Cr.*, with an expected revenue of 1850+ Cr.

WTC Faridabad’s Vision

WTC Faridabad Plots not only symbolize an investment but also a step towards a brighter future. Developed under the Government of India’s Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna, the project addresses the need for affordable solutions in the bustling Delhi NCR region. The properties in Faridabad by WTC promise an ideal location, a reputable brand, and an assured growth rate of 24% in just two years. Now is the opportune time to secure your plot, starting at a reasonable Rs.30,000 per sq. yd.

WTC Plots Faridabad: A Lucrative Investment

In the heart of Greater Faridabad, WTC Plots Faridabad present a lucrative investment opportunity. These plots, offered at affordable prices, provide a globally-recognized address for businesses looking to establish themselves in the region. The development aligns with the government’s vision for affordable yet thriving solutions in Delhi NCR, making it an ideal choice for investors seeking long-term growth.

Discovering Greater Faridabad: A Hub of Opportunities

  1. Accessibility– Greater Faridabad boasts excellent connectivity via air, road, and rail, making it accessible from various parts of the country. Proximity to workplaces and job centers further enhances its allure.
  2. Security– A secure working and living environment, coupled with a robust policy and governance framework, make Greater Faridabad a sound investment choice.
  3. Livability– The region offers affordable land prices and realty, promoting a sustainable, clean, and mixed-use land integration. It’s not just about business; it’s about creating a livable community.
  4. Integration– With a ready workforce base and supportive, reliable infrastructure, Greater Faridabad ensures a seamless blend of business and lifestyle.

In conclusion, as State and Central Governments channel efforts into maximizing expansion in Faridabad, the region’s prospects, particularly in Growth District Faridabad, look promising. WTC Faridabad, with its residential plotted development, emerges as a beacon of growth, aligning with the government’s vision for affordable yet thriving solutions in the heart of Delhi NCR.

Location Benefits:

  • 2 KM Away from FNG expressway
  • 4 KM away from Delhi-Mumbai Corridor
  • 6 KM away from Delhi-Mathura Road
  • 7 KM away from Amma’s Hospital (one of the biggest hospital of Asia)
  • 6 KM away from KGP expressway
  • 23 KM away from Jewar Airport
  • 5 KM away from Jewar Airport Road

WTC Plots Faridabad - Highlights

Frequently Asked Question for WTC Plots in Faridabad

WTC Faridabad offers a globally-recognized address with flexible workplace solutions, aligning with the government’s affordable housing policy.

The region combines accessibility, security, livability, and integration, creating an ideal environment for both business and living.

The policy addresses the need for affordable solutions in Delhi NCR, reflecting in the reasonable plot prices starting at Rs.30,000 per sq. Yard.

Growth District Faridabad is a meticulously planned 100+ acres of integrated development, contributing to the city’s rapid growth.

WTC Faridabad promises an impressive growth rate of 24% in just two years, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

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